Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments? Have you been served with a foreclosure suit? IT IS NOT TOO LATE

Our office can fight the foreclosure to give you an opportunity to modify the loan or sell the property without facing a foreclosure judgment.

Most people do not know that banks have to strictly comply with pre-suit requirements to successfully maintain a foreclosure action. If you are unfamiliar with those requirements, you will not raise the right defenses and the bank will win easily. I have been litigating mortgage foreclosure cases for the last 7 years and know exactly which requirements must be met. I will review your case file in depth to tailor our defenses to the specifics of your loan.

Whether you have a

  • Conventional Mortgage

  • FHA/VA Mortgage

  • Reverse Mortgage


    I can make sure the bank proves their case. Our office can work with the banks on modifications or short sales even if the foreclosure process has already started.


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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

  • If your tenant has stopped paying their rent, our office can initiate summary eviction proceedings in accordance with Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes.

  • If your landlord has stopped maintaining the property in accordance with the requirements stated in the lease, our office can assist you with terminating the lease

Association Disputes

  • Contact our office if the association you are a part of has notified you of violations you disagree with or you are in collections and facing a foreclosure. Our office can work with the association to come to a mutually agreeable solution